A 30 Days of Successful Weight Loss Story

No one likes to have too much fat on their body as it influences to the shape of the body very much. Well, this is what I feel since my weight was 158 lbs and my weight is just five feet tall. At that time I was difficult to find the outfit that I want like I had to wear over-sized one. It was so poor since I had to wear it instead of the outfit that I like the most.

On the other hand, I was typically like sweets and salty cravings like I can’t live without having something sweet or salty as well. On that condition, I should make a choice which one was better for me. I was also dreaming of dressing up like the other woman wearing anything which shows the body beauty off, but I find it difficult. At that time, I feel like I need to make a change of myself by losing my weight. Then, here I am with 122 lbs now!

Well, I thought it was unbelievable to lose my weight significantly. Now, I can wear anything that I want and I can just follow the latest fashion right now. This is my secret and I will tell you how I did it. Like I said before, in the situation of hopeless and not confident, I then chose to leave the sweets and salty things.

I decide to plan a diet program to lose my weight. I started to search about the healthy menu that can lose my weight significantly. I was also taking HCG drops as a complementary to my diet. I also went to nutritionist to have a consultation about my ideal weight and I was 26 years old. Then, I made a plan by having a diet program in two weeks. Actually, it was my trial and I thought if it was failed, I needed to be ready for that.

I removed a lot my breakfast menu as I just had a cup of tea or coffee and I had a slice of bread only. This was so different from what I used to have. Before I was in the program, I used to eat microwaving foods and it was bad actually.

Meanwhile, my lunch also came different since I just had fruits and veggies salad with different sauce every day. I just add more protein by having grilled ribs or chicken breast for lunch. Sometimes, I had a baked potato as well or grilled dory fish with lemon salsa sauce. Protein is the one that you need when you want to lose your weight. Hence, you need to have it during your diet.

Then, for dinner I don’t have too much since I need to have it before 6 p.m. Sometimes, I have roasted ribs for my dinner or just salad also I need to drink low fat milk to keep my body healthy. These foods I had every day just in two weeks. In addition, I encourage myself to drink 2 liters of water every day as I heard that water is good to shed fats.

Then, I made it balanced by going to the gym and have a routine body weight exercise in my free time. Two weeks was gone, I checked my weight and I got 8 pounds of fat shredded from my body. Well, I just couldn’t help myself to smile since it was successful.

Then, I tried to continue my daily menu and have a routine exercise in two weeks ahead. Now, everything has changed since I have successfully lost my weight just in 30 days. You can do it to since you have a strong belief that you can do it! Get yourself to be an inspiring one in losing the weight.