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Telling the Public You Abuse Drugs – Television Drug Rehab

In past years, the number of drug rehab television shows that have cropped up on cable channels is pretty interesting. It seems as though the public has an interest in watching people that abuse drugs struggle through their issues in front of an audience of millions of people. During these shows you can see people as they enter the drug rehab center with hopes of cleaning up their act, the strong emotion that they feel as they fight the urges to abuse drugs, and either the feeling of triumph when they succeed or the sting of failure. If this type of program is one that might interest you, here are some popular drug rehab television shows that you can watch. These programs can show those that abuse drugs that they do have options and they do not have to condemn themselves to a life of pain and shame.

1. Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew – This show features celebrities that abuse drugs and their actual journey to become clean and sober. There are tensions, anger, and family members that do not want to do their part to help their loved one overcome their addictions. There are many cases where family members abuse drugs themselves and actually become enablers to those in drug rehab so they are not alone in their substance use. The program obviously includes Dr. Drew, a well credentialed doctor and therapist that helps everyone in the drug rehab center to reach their goals.

2. Intervention – This is a show on the A&E channel that shows real everyday people that abuse drugs and the families that are dealing with the person and the issues that come with a loved one being addicted to drugs. Cameras follow around the addict that believes that they are part of a documentary when their friends and family have an intervention for them. Their choices are either going to drug rehab or possibly losing contact with those closest to them. This can be a very emotional program but it accurately shows the lives of people that abuse drugs and what families have to go through to get the addict into drug rehab.

3. True Life – This is not exclusively a drug rehab television show but it often features people of all ages that abuse drugs. The program is on MTV and consists of real people that are followed around by cameras as they live their lives as they normally would. There have been multiple episodes that showed drug users and their struggle with sobriety. Many people actually abuse drugs in front of the camera to be seen by people all over the country, maybe even the world. There are also powerful episodes where people choose to change themselves and enter drug rehab programs. Some succeed in their endeavor, some do not.

Watching these television programs can be both inspirational and very depressing at times. If you are going to watch these shows, make sure young children are not in the room.

Knowing About Meth Users

Contrary to popular belief, meth use can affect any state, town, or neighborhood in the country. Many people do not want to believe that there are meth users living amongst them but research has shown that meth use is prevalent among all economic classes, races, and locations. Those that are suffering from addiction many need some serious help, so it is important that we know as much as possible about meth users, their habits, and how they act. Meth use has been known to destroy lives and many addicts do not have the will power or the control to seek help on their own. Somebody that you know and love could be one of the meth users that you hear about all the time. Here are some things that you should know about meth use that could help you identify the problem when you see it.

1. Meth use and addiction is everywhere – As mentioned before, this dangerous drug does not discriminate at all. It can ruin the lives of anyone, whether they are the president of a large corporation or a student. Meth users come in all shapes and sizes.

2. Hygiene – It is likely that personal and dental hygiene will be severely affected during heavy meth use. Meth users can go days, even weeks without bathing or brushing their teeth. They will often look disheveled and/or dirty, which can be completely different from their normal appearance. Meth use can seriously change a person.

3. Meth mouth – This is a part of the hygiene issue but not completely. Meth users will often experience a condition known as meth mouth. Their lack of dental hygiene, grinding of their teeth, and poor dietary habits will cause rapid tooth decay and tooth loss, causing meth users to often look several decades older than they actually are. Speedy tooth loss and aging should be reason enough for most people to steer clear from meth use.

4. Lifestyle changes – Meth users tend to make drastic changes to their entire life. Many are unable to hold a job, making it more difficult to obtain the drug that has a hold on them. They may then begin to sell their possessions and do anything else that can bring them money fast. Another potential change is that meth use can cause people to become sexually promiscuous. This fact combined with a need for money might bring addicts to selling their bodies in exchange for the substance.

Hopefully these warning signs can be spotted before meth users completely ruin their lives. There are drug rehabilitation centers and treatment facilities that are working every day to help people overcome their addictions. If you or somebody you know has an uncontrollable meth use problem, be sure to make them aware that they do have options available to them. This drug does not have to keep its stranglehold on the American population, and by being aware of the signs you can help keep people away from methamphetamine for good.

Physical Effects of Methamphetamine

There is no question about whether drugs are harmful to the human body or not, it has been proven time and time again. What is shocking though, is how fast and to what extent methamphetamine affects users. This drug can make people look as if they have aged significantly in just a matter of months. One major physical effect that meth can have on frequent users is a condition known as meth mouth. Meth mouth describes the situation where users of the drug lose teeth at an abnormally rapid rate. A user of meth pictures their time using the substance will be fun and nothing can harm them, but when meth mouth comes around, all bets are off. You can use a search engine to see meth pictures that show the effect, and they are not pretty. Here is some general information about the condition known as meth mouth, so that if the meth pictures do not scare you, maybe learning more about the teeth decay and loss itself will.

1. Contrary to popular belief, meth mouth is not a direct result of crystal meth itself. The drug does not cause teeth to rot or corrode, but things that people do while on the drug usually are a major cause.

2. In recent years, viewing meth pictures has been a major way to stop peopling from abusing the substance. There are meth pictures available online that show people that look completely normal, they are employed, many have families, and then right next to it there are meth pictures that show what that same person looks like after abusing methamphetamine frequently for only months. Sometimes meth mouth can make people look like they are sixty years old when in fact they are in their twenties or thirties. There are some profound effects that come from the abuse of this substance.

3. Meth mouth is actually caused by a number of factors. Experts believe that it is a combination of frequent consumption of carbonated drinks with high sugar contents, generally poor eating habits, poor dental hygiene, and constant grinding of the teeth. If you take a look at meth pictures, you can see that most of the users look dirty and malnourished. Also, meth pictures show the decay that is caused by meth mouth, and it can be very disturbing.

4. Also contributing to meth mouth is dry mouth. The use of the drug tends to decrease saliva production, which has defensive properties. Since many users also partake in cigarette smoking, that will also contribute to dry mouth in a serious way.

Seeing people with meth mouth is a very frightening experience, and hopefully viewing meth pictures will keep most people away. For those of you out there that have a problem with addiction and you want to stop before it gets to that point, call 1.866.535.7922. This is a hotline that is available just for methamphetamine users that want to escape from their dangerous habits.

Drug Abuse Treatment for Crystal Meth Users

For anybody out there that thinks that there is no hope left for you, a friend, or a family member when it comes to crystal meth addiction, you are wrong. There is always hope out there, and it comes in the form of drug abuse treatment. There are a few types of drug abuse treatment, and if necessary, they all may need to be used. Once crystal meth sinks its claws into somebody, it can seem as though they have been lost forever and they will never be the same, but there are drug abuse treatment centers that have dedicated themselves to helping people with uncontrollable addictions. Here are some of the options for people that are having their lives ruined by crystal meth. Some of these options should be used together.

1. Cold turkey – This can work for some users, but it is very difficult. The relapse rate for crystal meth is very high because of the intense withdrawal symptoms, and quitting cold turkey will be much more of a shock to the system than if somebody were weaned off of the drug. This should not be the only thing that is done to get away from crystal meth though. If done at all, it should be done in conjunction with a drug abuse treatment program.

2. Rehabilitation center – Going to rehab for drug abuse treatment is common for addicts. Although there are people that still relapse after visiting a rehab center, they have proved to be very helpful to many people. Rehab centers can provide those that are going through withdrawal symptoms non-addictive drugs that can help them through the worst parts. There are also drug abuse treatment programs at most of these centers that allow addicts to try and find the root of their addiction to crystal meth.

3. Condensing withdrawal – As mentioned before, withdrawal from crystal meth can be a very intense experience and will last for several days. There have been some advances made in recent years to help deal with this problem though. There are doctors that observe addicts during a condensed withdrawal period, usually a few hours. The addict is unconscious during this time and all of the pain and sickness that goes along with withdrawal are dealt with. Still, a drug abuse treatment program should be used to assure that the patient does not go back to using crystal meth.

Using a drug abuse treatment combination should give people that are suffering with crystal meth addiction a fighting chance at normalcy. Freeing yourself from the need to use this drug is not an easy task to accomplish, but every person that has gotten that monkey off of their back has not had any regrets about it. It is very important for people to realize that drug abuse treatment is not a weekend activity, it is a complete lifestyle change. Crystal meth can be defeated, you just need the drive and the support to do it.

What Is Methamphetamine?

Meth effects have been ruining the lives of an unacceptable amount of people for quite some time now. There are a few forms of methamphetamine, but meth effects are horrible no matter which form it comes in. For a drug that is having such an impact on our society, it is important that people have a better understanding of exactly what methamphetamine is, how it is produced, and the meth effects that are ravaging entire communities all over the nation. Below is some information about methamphetamine in general, and the meth effects that can devastate the entire human body.

- Methamphetamine is a psycho stimulant drug. It triggers a release of dopamine in the brain, which affects the pleasure and reward centers of the brain. It can be snorted as a powder, smoked using a glass pipe, injected directly into the blood stream, and some users even go as far as to use methamphetamine anal suppositories.

- Meth effects are very extreme. It is an addictive drug and as tolerance builds, users need more and more methamphetamine to get the same effects as they did originally. The meth effects that revolve around tolerance is also the reason why people move on from snorting, to smoking, to injecting the drug. Withdrawal from the drug can be very intense, which is a main reason why relapse occurs so frequently.

- Other major meth effects include poor hygiene, sexually compulsive behavior, abnormally quick loss of teeth (known to many as meth mouth), and many people are unable to function normally within society. These meth effects are very serious, and it is important that people know about them so that they think twice before getting involved with methamphetamine.

- Methamphetamine can be synthesized using household products and over the counter cough and cold medications. Creating the drug can be dangerous though, since many of the ingredients are highly flammable.

- The United States did not seriously see meth effects in communities until the 1990′s. This makes it one of the newest mainstream drugs that are widely used in the country. Until the early 90′s, the drug was mainly handled by drug traffickers and the like. Since then, normal everyday citizens have been arrested for creating entire meth labs and trying to distribute their product to anyone that was willing to buy.

This drug has such a powerful hold on people that the meth effects do not even run through their mind when they become addicted. Serious users could be losing teeth, showering once a month, and lose their jobs, but they will still be going back to doing methamphetamine. Escaping its clutches is no easy process, but it can be done. There are several rehabilitation centers available for users so that they can get a fresh start on life, without meth there to hold them back. If you or somebody you know has a problem with methamphetamines, call 1.866.535.7922 and seek the help that you need. It is a 24 hour hotline that has many dedicated and trained professionals working to help people with their addictions.

Drug Abuse Around the Country: Teens and Meth

Drug abuse has been around since the first person realized that smoking, snorting, or ingesting chemicals can give you a “high” feeling. The popularity of different drugs has changed over the years, but the drug abuse has remained. While in the past American youth partook in marijuana use, cocaine, and LSD, today’s teens have moved on to a new, extremely dangerous drug known as meth. Unlike other substances, the effects of meth drug abuse can be seen far before any of these other drugs and normal hard working people will begin to look as though they have aged 30 years in a matter of months. Here is some more information about meth that parents and teens can use to educate themselves on this dangerous.

1. Meth stands for methamphetamine. This class of drug enters the brain and causes a large release of the chemical dopamine. The release of dopamine by the brain triggers activity in the pleasure and reward centers causing an intense euphoria, which is why people choose to do the drug in the first place. Because of this intense euphoria that users feel, addiction is very possible which will eventually lead to drug abuse.

2. There are several routes that can be taken when it comes to the use of meth. The most common way to take the drug is by crushing it into a powder and snorting it through the nostrils. The chemicals are then absorbed through the mucous membranes and are able to quickly enter the bloodstream. When drug abuse begins, snorting does not provide the desired effect as well as other methods, and users begin changing how they use meth. It can be vaporized and inhaled through a glass pipe, or when there is serious drug abuse going on, users begin to inject the drug directly into their bloodstream using a syringe.

3. The drug abuse could be occurring right inside of your home. What is especially frightening about meth is that it can be synthesized using household products and over the counter cough and cold medicines. The only warning sign that meth is being created indoors is that a strong smell comes along with it. If there is an unrecognizable (usually foul) odor coming from your home then it is likely that your teen is partaking in drug abuse.

Families and teenagers are being ravaged by meth and it is up to the parents and the schools to educate children about the dangers of drug abuse. There have been too many cases of bright, focused young people that have had their lives ruined by this drug. Even professionals with spouses and children have succumbed to the allure of methamphetamines and have spiraled out of control. There have been some measures taken to prevent the creation of this drug, such as disallowing an individual from purchasing multiple bottles or boxes of cough and cold medicine, but that is not going to be enough.

Know About Drug Addiction Through Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug addiction has been a very large problem in American society for as long as this country has been around. The part of the country does not matter that much, drug addiction exists in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The drugs that are used might differ, but the drug addiction that is there is the same. To get a real understanding about just how strongly communities are being affected, it is important to look at the drug abuse statistics that are being collected. Many people do not realize how bad the problem is until they see the hard drug abuse statistics in front of them. Below are some of the drug abuse statistics that everybody in this country should take a look at. It may be disturbing for some readers, but knowing how drug addiction is hurting your friends and neighbors will give people some real insight into the issue.

1. 25% of adults between their mid twenties and mid thirties have used cocaine in their lifetime. This means that one out of every four people you know in that age range has used this hard, addictive drug.

2. It was once believed that cocaine leaves the human body within a few days, but drug abuse statistics have shown that not to be true. Cocaine can stay in the body for more than twenty days.

3. Cocaine is a very large factor in drug addiction and overdoses. Drug abuse statistics show that 50% of drug related hospital visits are due to cocaine abuse or overdose.

4. More than one in twenty people between the ages of 19 and 22 have used the drug ecstasy.

5. According to drug abuse statistics, the number of ecstasy related hospital visits has been multiplying every year since 1994. Drug addiction can occur with any type of drug, but ecstasy happens to be one of the newest ones and is becoming very popular with today’s youth.

6. The majority of ecstasy pills are produced in Belgium or the Netherlands. This does not mean that ecstasy pills are not being manufactured here in the United States, but it does show how prevalent drug trafficking still is all over the world.

7. More than 140 million people use marijuana all over the world. This is one of the more interesting drug abuse statistics. The amount of people that are using this drug is pretty astounding. Studies have shown that marijuana does not contribute to drug addiction physically, but there are psychological addiction factors.

These are just a few of the drug abuse statistics that are available. There is a great deal of drug addiction information available on the Internet, you just need to check the right places. If you found these drug abuse statistics interesting, then go out and learn more about drug addiction for yourself. This is a problem that needs more national attention than it is receiving currently.

Making Crystal Meth

The creation of methamphetamine, although everyday household materials are used, can be very dangerous if done improperly. Many of the ingredients of crystal meth are flammable and/or combustible, making it very possible that a life threatening accident will occur. There have been several cases of methamphetamine labs exploding, causing injury or death to people that were in the near vicinity. Crystal meth is a horribly addictive drug that can ruin lives and attempting to synthesize it can cause a life altering (or ending) accident, but having some familiarity with how to make methamphetamine is very important. People will be trying to make crystal meth even if they know that it is dangerous, so if they are going to do it, you should know the ingredients, tools, and process used so you can tell if someone you know is trying to create this drug. Below is a step by step guide for making methamphetamine.

1. The ingredients used for methamphetamine are ephedrine (or pseudoephedrine), iodine, ether, sodium hydroxide, red phosphorus, and hydrochloric acid. Tools that will be needed are plastic jars with lids, coffee filters, an eyedropper, a funnel, and a coffee pot.

2. You start by taking Sudafed (which has pseudoephedrine as its active ingredient) and crush it into a powder. The powder is then dissolved into the ether and then coffee filters are used to separate the liquid from a white sludgy material (which is thrown out). After being evaporated in a coffee pot, what remains is a pure form of pseudoephedrine, which is close to crystal meth by itself.

3. Your new solution will then be cooked for several hours with red phosphorus, iodine, and hydrochloric acid. After the mixture is cooled down, it is once again filtered and then made into a base using sodium hydroxide. Ether is used for a second time as a solvent, and after evaporating the ether, methamphetamine is left. All that is left now is making the methamphetamine into crystals, which is why it is called crystal meth.

4. Crystal meth is then created by bubbling hydrochloric acid gas into the container that has the methamphetamine inside. This material is then filtered for a last time, and the crystals collect on the filter itself. You know have crystal meth in your possession.

If you see anybody performing these actions or using these materials, it is very likely that they are making crystal meth. Methamphetamine has been known to destroy families and ruin lives, so if you have an inkling that crystal meth is being created, alert the authorities as soon as possible. You can help to loosen the stranglehold that methamphetamine has on American society.

All about Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug that is also usually referred to as Cannabis. The drug is manufactured from the Cannabis plant and is often used as medicine and a psychoactive drug. Cannabis has been used as a recreational drug, for religious and spiritual rites, and it has also been used as medicine. The drug was used from as early as the third millennium BC.

It has been estimated that about four percent of the world’s population uses marijana every year. Other research has also indicated that about 0.6% of the world’s population uses the drug on a daily basis.

As a result of the fact that the drug has been subject to lots of abuse, it has been highly regulated since the start of the twentieth century. The restrictions out on the drug regard possession, sale and use. The drug is illegal in various parts of the world and has been ranked as the most used illicit drug worldwide.

As far as its effects are concerned, the drug, upon consumption, has been established to have both physiological and psychoactive effects. In order, to have a psychoactive effect that is perceptible all that is required is ten micrograms for each kilogram of the body.

Therefore, if you weigh about fifty kilograms, you would need to take five hundred micrograms to have a psychoactive effect.

Some of the other effects of the drug include changes in perception, mood swings, increased heart rate, short term memory impairment and low blood pressure among other things. These are some of the short term effects of the drug, but its long term effects are still not clear, and have been established to vary from one person to the next.

As has been mentioned, the drug has been established to have various medical uses, and it has been recognized to have numerous beneficial health effects. Some of the benefits of taking the drug include stimulation of hunger in AIDS and chemotherapy patients, amelioration of vomiting and ameliorate of nausea among other things.

Some studies hat indicated that marijana is beneficial for the treatment of conditions like depression and multiple sclerosis. However, despite the many documented uses of the drug, it is still illegal in many countries.

Many countries have still not legalized the smoking of the drug. On the other hand, some States in the US have legalized the use of the drug for medical use, but there are so many regulations that restrict its use. Therefore, even for medical purposes, the drug is highly regulated and only prescribed in severe circumstances or where prescription is the only reasonable solution.

Overall, it should be noted that cannabis is a drug that has been established to have various medical uses. It has been established to help cancer patients that are in chemotherapy and is often administered to reduce vomiting and increase appetite.

However, the drug is only administered if it’s the only option, and it is highly regulated. It is difficult to get the drug without a prescription, unless you are getting it through illegal means.

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